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Chest workout

Chest and Triceps Workout for Strength Muscle 0:00 Wide Hand Push Ups 0:25 Kneeling Push ups 0:50 Kneeling Rotational Push Ups 1:16 Bodyweight Kneeling Push Ups 1:46 Reverse Dips 2:15 Triceps Dips on Floor 2:45 Push ups ver.2 3:14 Bench dips 3:43 Triceps Press 4:13 Incline Push Ups 4:43 Decline Kneeling… Read More »Chest and Triceps Workout for Strength Muscle

The Most Effective Chest Exercises A strong chest provides protection of the vital organs like the heart and lungs and it helps the shoulders and arms engage in lateral movement across the body as well as up and down motion. Εffective and quick chest workout from home, worlds best… Read More »The Most Effective Chest Exercises