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Reverse Nordic Exercise (Beginner to Advanced) The Reverse Nordic Exercise has been getting a lot of publicity lately as a great exercise to develop quad strength and patellar tendon strength in the lengthened position to help recover or prevent knee and hip issues. The reverse nordic exercise is a human knee extension. Meaning you can work your quads without any equipment.

In this video we show how ANYONE can start doing the Reverse Nordic Exercise and progress through more challenging stages that higher level athletes should be capable of doing as well!

0:00 start video

0:30 reverse nordic exercise lowest entry point to start developing strength and range of motion at the knee

2:30 level 2 of the reverse nordic exercise

3:40 level 3 assisted and resisted reverse nordic exercise

4:50 alternative reverse nordic exercise options

5:40 feet elevated reverse nordic

6:50 how to program the reverse nordic

The reverse nordic curl aka natural leg extension is the most effective leg exercise. This is because it builds strength, size and flexibility in the legs. This calisthenics exercise is bodyweight only, requiring no equipment and is perfect for at home leg workouts. Quad isolation without weights is difficult, this exercise is a perfect solution. Get ready to grow bigger legs and add mass without a gym.

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