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You’re about to feel ab muscles you didn’t know you had. Here’s how to take this classic ab exercise up a notch, whether you’re a beginner. The plank is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up for the maximum possible time. plank exercises to lose belly fat, plank exercises for core strengthening, plank exercises for abs, plank exercises for seniors, plank exercises for belly fat, plank exercises for beginners, plank exercises benefits, plank exercise abs, plank workout at home, plank workout abs, plank exercises challenge.

0:00 Shoulder Tap Plank

0:36 Spiderman plank

1:12 Thigh Tap Plank

1:47 Side walks plank

2:23 Reverse fly plank

2:58 Rotation plank

3:34 Up & Down Plank

4:09 Reverse plank on elbows

4:45 Plank walk out

What happens if you plank for 5 minute everyday?

How long should a beginner be able to hold a plank?

Do planks burn belly fat?

What happens if you do planks everyday?

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