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October 2023

Dumbbell Leg Exercises Here’s a dumbbell leg workout that you can do at home or at the gym! Keep in mind that with free weights, you can slow down your range of motion to increase the difficulty without having to go heavier on the weights. You can… Read More »Dumbbell Leg Exercises

21 Dumbbell Leg Exercises

1.Lunge with Pass Under (0:27) 2.Single Leg Deadlift (0:41) 3.Front Squat (1:01) 4.Sumo Squat (1:20) 5. 1/2 Squat, 1/2 Deadlift (1:39) 6.Split Squats (1:55) 7.Straight Leg Deadlift (2:09) 8.Goblet Squat (2:26) 9.Goblet Front Lunge (2:43) 10.Side To Side Lunge (3:00) 11.Unilaterally Loaded Side Lunge (3:15)… Read More »21 Dumbbell Leg Exercises