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January 2023

Uneven push – ups on medicine ball – preparation for one arm push up

In this version of a push-up we have one hand on an elevated position (ideal would be a medicine ball or a regular ball – they are less stable but comfortable for performance). It is also a preparation for a single-handed push-up. When performing a… Read More »Uneven push – ups on medicine ball – preparation for one arm push up

Τα καλύτερα σνακ των δρομέων

5×3 επιλογές για κάθε ώρα και ανάγκη Οι περισσότεροι από εσάς βιώνετε μια απαιτητική καθημερινότητα με πολλαπλές υποχρεώσεις και ελάχιστο χρόνο για την κάλυψη όλων των αναγκών. Όσον αφορά στις διατροφικές ανάγκες, κρίνεται αναγκαίο να δώσετε την πρέπουσα σημασία, διότι το φαγητό είναι το καύσιμο… Read More »Τα καλύτερα σνακ των δρομέων

Chest and Triceps Workout for Strength Muscle 0:00 Wide Hand Push Ups 0:25 Kneeling Push ups 0:50 Kneeling Rotational Push Ups 1:16 Bodyweight Kneeling Push Ups 1:46 Reverse Dips 2:15 Triceps Dips on Floor 2:45 Push ups ver.2 3:14 Bench dips 3:43 Triceps Press 4:13 Incline Push Ups 4:43 Decline Kneeling… Read More »Chest and Triceps Workout for Strength Muscle

The Most Effective Chest Exercises A strong chest provides protection of the vital organs like the heart and lungs and it helps the shoulders and arms engage in lateral movement across the body as well as up and down motion. Εffective and quick chest workout from home, worlds best… Read More »The Most Effective Chest Exercises

Abs Exercises At Home Of course, ab exercises aren’t just hitting your upper abs, rectus abdominis, and deep core muscles. Some of these exercises hit the upper body, lower body. Ab Exercises for a Flat Belly, Tummy-toning moves. We live in an age where rock-hard, six-pack abdominal muscles… Read More »Abs Exercises At Home

Do This Exercise For Your Side Fat (Get Rid of Side Fat) Lose belly fat and lose your love handles with these 12 exercises. love handles workout for guys, how to lose love handles fast in 1 week with exercise, love handle workout machine, exercises to get rid of love handles fast, dumbbell exercises for love… Read More »Do This Exercise For Your Side Fat (Get Rid of Side Fat)

5 Minutes Planks You’re about to feel ab muscles you didn’t know you had. Here’s how to take this classic ab exercise up a notch, whether you’re a beginner. The plank is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up for… Read More »5 Minutes Planks