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16-Min Unilateral Full Body Kettlebell Routine

Four Exercises x Two Sides x Two Rounds = Sixteen Minutes…Enjoy!

The trick is to scale up or scale down based on your ability level. That’s the beautiful thing about Kettlebells – whether you’re looking for fat loss, metabolic conditioning, or muscle gain, these versatile pieces of equipment allow you to quickly lighten or increase the load based on exercise.

Some key protocols to keep in mind:

-For Squats – Bell in front provides counterbalance and allows you to get in good depth positions. It also opens up the knees, ankles, and hips to help with stability in the upper back.

-For Rotational Clean to Press – Pivot the hips and keep the arm straight. Make sure your back is flat and explosively drive hard through the lead leg. Next, pivot back foot, rotate hip and press through so the bicep is alongside the ear. Return to the rack & get right back.

-For Swings – Emphasize hinge at the hips, shooting them back with a flat back so KB is in front of your feet. Let the forward motion of your hips drive your movement. Soft hips, knees, and ankles. Chin down to the chest.

-For Reverse Lunge to Halo – Crunch abs first, rotate with bell close to head. On the descent stay stable and rotate down fluidly. On the ascent, keep the entire core in bi-phasic contraction and return to start.

This workout will hit your Glutes, Shoulders, and Core Galore. Hit us up on social media and let us know how you did.

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