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15 Minute Beginner Stretch Flexibility Routine


00:00Introduction; aims of the routine and who’s appropriate for

00:40Neck side flexion

01:58 Shoulder extension reaches

02:49 – Child Pose

03:16 Child pose with lat focus

03:51 Child pose with pec twist

04:47 McKenzie push Up

05:40Leg tuck up

06:07 Leg side drops

06:50Cross body glute pull

08:31Hip swivels

09:24Squat to pike

10:36 Low lunge (left leg)

11:10Lunge with twist (left leg)

11:45Frog pose rocks

12:27Low lunge (right leg)

13:01Lunge with twist (right leg)

13:40Frog pose squat

13:51Squat and closing notes

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